Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I have a secret I want to share...

Yes. MOPS.

I had to share this because of all the help and usefulness it provided me. I'm hoping you can find some gold nugget in this trough of information.

MOPS is a powerful mantra (a cheesy one) that I created for myself two and a half years ago, in the summer of 08, right after I first started triathlon training. At first it was a tool I used to succeed in triathlon training. Transitioning from a football player build to an endurance athlete build was a challenge, especially in the beginning stages where my body was getting used to the different day-to-day exercises. That summer I had dedicated myself to changing my attitude about I looked at life and how I overcame obstacles. It was a big self-reformation period. My renaissance. (and since Im an engineer major, now is my scientific revolution?)

*I have to give kudos and thanks to my Mom for raising me to be so independent. It was tough and weird but now I am so thankful that I can rely on myself and the things that I do. My mom is awesome and I hope everyone gets the chance to meet her some day and see the awesomeness for themselves!
Finding out how to be entirely self-sufficient is something I strive for but something I also know is impossible. There are only so many hours in the day.

Anyways school started in Fall of 2008, in September I was a bona-fide triathlete and come end of December I have my first 4.0 GPA in college and high school EVER with the help of MOPS, this book How to Become a Straight-A Student, (awesome awesome book by the way but a review is for another time) and some of the best professors/guides that I have come across in my college journey: Goebel, Knox, Arzola, Natoli, in no particular order.

As you can see I love cheese. haha but it motivates me!

Back to MOPS


Motivation + Optimism + Perseverance = Success in what ever goal you have set for yourself and life in general.
Each piece is so critical to success. Passionate motivation is needed to get up and go get what you are after. Motivation to do the very best in absolutely everything you do. When I worked at Baskin Robbins when a customer ordered something, I swore to make that item the best (and sometimes biggest) it could be. I was the best damn shake maker this side of the Mississippi. Real, genuine optimism in everything that you start (don't run a race after you've shot yourself in the foot!) and every obstacle you come across. Nothing is ever that bad, and YOU are never that bad. Also, many people quit after the first hardship so you've already got them beat!
Perseverance to battle through tough challenges and setbacks. This coupled with the perseverance of "The Comeback"

you can take the necessary steps needed to achieve your goal.

Success is a broad term and I leave it that way so that you can define it for yourself and make it personal.

Find your ideal self and strive for it. Find whatever it is you love doing and just do it, no matter what anyone thinks of it. Be who you envision yourself to be. This takes practice at first and then it will become routine second-nature so commit to it errday. Improve yourself all day, everyday. Learn, act, achieve. Love the life you live. It starts NOW.

You don't have to take this verbatim. Hell you don't have to employ this MOPS strategy at all. Even if you skipped most of this article just at least get this one thing: Make this life YOURS!

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  1. I've heard about this MOPS thing, from my friends mother.