Sunday, May 29, 2011

76 miles to ice cream Heaven

My buddy Mitchell and I went on a 76 mile bike ride for the coveted Three Rivers Ice cream.  We went from Visalia, CA to Three Rivers, CA. I brought two homemade bean and cheese burritos, a nutrigrain bar, a balance bar and some water for this trip.  The ride was flat for about the first hour and then once we got close to Lake Kaweah, the hills showed their faces.  Starting off small and then progressively getting larger as we hit the lake and went past it.

We jumped in the chilly lake for a little bit and had a lady take a picture of us.  Some kid wouldn't stop making obnoxiously loud and funny fart noises on the lake and it was funny seeing other people jump into the freezing cold lake with us.  Then we finally made it to the ice cream shop and it was CLOSED! We were a little upset but it wasn't that big of a deal. Then the owner came outside and invited us in.  I was full of joy.  I ended up getting some delicious-ass orange sherbert and strawberry ice cream while Mitch settled for the butterfinger.

On the way back to Visalia, it seemed like the hills never stopped.   Once we hit the flat stretch home, I started getting immensely sleepy and kind of delirious.  A dog was about an inch from biting Mitch's leg off and I could not stop laughing uncontrollably.  The whole ride ended up taking 6:15 give or take 30-45 due to jumping in the lake and stopping for ice cream. Here are some pictures from the ride.

Here are shots of Lake Kaweah.

This was take 15, it takes an enormous amount of skill to do this on first try hahah

And to the victors go the spoils.

*Update: I found out that the ice cream place we went to was NOT the world famous ice cream place so we will have to do the ride again soon! 

*Update: Dejch's comment reminded me that I had drank copious amounts of alcohol the night before and at 8 am the ride was up in the air.  But I powered through and made it to the holy land of ice cream!  Never drinking ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC before a ride like that.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

motivate and inspire

Here's whats motivating me right now. Always be on the look out for inspiration, it can be anywhere.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roll one up

Meet your new best friend:

The foam roller! ALL athletes need to utilize this tool.  Foam rolling (also known as Self-myofascial Release) helps relieve those trigger points or "knots" in your muscles.  This is essentially a form of self massage and the video below gives a good foundation of starter exercises with a foam roller.

To use these things, roll a muscle such as your quadriceps using your body weight.  Once you find a painful spot, roll back and forth SLOWLY for about 30-60 seconds until you feel less or no pain in that spot.  Then move onto the next spindle.

Another reason they're great:
Affordability.  Foam rollers cost ~$20 and have a lifespan of about a year with everyday use.  Compared to a $60 PER HOUR massage from a massage therapist, it is a great deal.  And if you're really in the deep, like me, get one of these:
I got one at Walmart for $6.  They hurt like hell for the first month but nothing releases those trigger points like a good, old rolling pin.  I can't get a good massage through the foam roller anymore!

And as I stated above, here is a video of a couple ways to massage yourself :)

Im off for a 3 hour bike and a 1 hour run right after, everyone have a good day, stay fit and don't waste your money!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bay to Breakers and Lessons learned

So I went to Bay to Breakers yesterday in San Francisco and it brought up something that is vital to good performance:

If you haven't heard of Bay to Breakers, it is the biggest clownfest in America.  It's a 12k run for real runners mixed with the most ridiculous, drunken people in the middle of the great city of San Francisco.  Bay to Breakers is a real race but lots of people partake in the parade of drinking as well.  The company who sponsored stated:
"Alcohol and floats are not permitted at the 100th running of the Zazzle Bay to Breakers. Neighborhood associations, city officials, police, and race organizers have determined that alcohol and floats create a threat to public safety – alcohol laws will be enforced. Additional police and private security will be present on race day to remove floats and alcohol. This change was made to ensure everyone has a safe, fun, and challenging 100th celebration race. These new regulations will not be reversed."

Luckily, that didn't put a damper on things because people still drank but I only saw one float out.  Police weren't real strict either. I saw lots of funny costumes, more naked people than i cared to see, and enough alcohol to send George Lopez into liver failure (and that's a hard thing to do). San Francisco is the only city where people can drink and smoke during a parade and the cops not care.  I met the most fun people there and had one of the best times of my life.  The course wasn't too bad but there is a steep hill climb about 2.5 miles into the race. 
Here is the map of the course:

Back to the point: I was very dehydrated during the run and that affected my performance.  I finished in 4 and a half hours compared to my aunt who finished it in 1:15.

Water helps:
  • deliver oxygen to cells
  • "flush" out the lymph node system
  • balancing body temperature through sweat
  • keep the excretory system flowing smooth
  • moisten mucous membranes and joints
Here are some Protips for drinking water:

a good rule of thumb is if your pee is any hint of yellow, drink more water

While eating take a gulp of water with every bite of your food.  Not only does it help you get hydrated but also keeps your meal portions in check.

If you suddenly get a hankering for food, drink 2 cups of water first.  If you're still hungry after 10 minutes, then go snack on something.  Ive found that many times I'm hungry for a snack, my body is just really wanting water.

Not thirsty? Drink more water

And here is a good website 9 Tips: How to drink more water


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling a little down today?

Do this simple exercise:

Write your name down on a piece of paper like this

Next underline it

Underline it some more and put exclamation points!!!!!!!!

You are important.  You have accomplished so much and have touched many peoples' lives whether you know it or not.  You have so much to offer to this world.  Don't sell yourself short.  You can conquer anything and everything this world will present to you. You will go on to do great things; the only thing needed is that you apply yourself.  NOW GO OUT AND GET IT!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

One very powerful tool

is MUSIC.  Find music that motivates you, that empowers you to achieve the vision you have for yourself. And not just when you work out, try to listen to it every hour of the day! Make motivation an everyday quality that you possess and watch things fall into your lap.  But what if things don't start falling into place? That's why we stay motivated.  Because WE WILL GET OURS! No matter what.

To me when it comes to workout music there are two types: Superficial (get you moving kind) and deep Inspiration (songs that have actual meaning that you can truly relate to).  These can be different according to your own experiences and beliefs but should follow the same general umbrellas.  I'll post a couple songs from each and maybe you can branch off from there.  Be sure to find inspiration everywhere, don't limit yourself.  So check out different genres and see what gets you moving and what gets you truly motivated to become the ideal you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wallet-friendly Nutrition

Many people think that to eat healthy you must spend a higher amount of money.


You spend more money going out to eat (even fast food) than you do if you make the food yourself.

Nutrition is vital for the triathlete.  Triathletes must consume a good balance of fats:carbohydrates:protein.  A common misnomer is that healthy food is expensive.  And that maybe true if you buy organic.  That is another article all in itself.  But to eat healthy is not so bad, and from what I have found LESS EXPENSIVE than eating out and buying organic.

Your best bet? Buy in bulk.  I know of a couple of great places but out of all the places there is one that no other store can touch:

* WinCo is only a west best coast store as far as I know and no I am not sponsored by them; I just love what they offer and the price they offer it at

If you are luck enough to have one of this in your town or not too far away make a trip to the bulk section PRONTO!
At the bulk section you can get:

  • whole wheat grains & pasta
  • quinoa
  • BULK PROTEIN (great for smoothies!) 
  • ground flax
  • cornmeal
  • oats galore!
  • various nuts and dried fruit, lentils 
  • all natural honey
  • all natural peanut butter

*Buy GENERIC for crying out loud! Looks aren't everything you know, food is food.

and countless others that can help you stay on track nutritionally and still keep your wallet fat for your next set of aerowheels or for taking out your significant other.

NO JUNK FOOD Money on junk food can be spent on healthier food and other things as needed. It's ok to indulge once in awhile though, especially after a good day of hard training

Another great way to save money on groceries: go to your local farmers' market.  Vegetables, fruits, and other produce, along with jams, homemade cheese and a cornucopia of other things at low prices and you help support your local farmer, canner etc..

My favorite (especially since it's close to my school) is the Power Road Farmers' Market. Cheap, plentiful, and the staff is super friendly!

Again not sponsored by them just endorsing places that I love and are wallet-friendly.

All this talk about food is making me a little thirsty... which leads us to my next tip: DRINK MORE WATER!!
Water is the liquid of life and by not drinking the recommended 64 oz (higher if your active) you are just killing your body and not maximizing it to its full potential. And all that water means you're drinking less soda and less sugar-loaded fruit juices that mislead consumers to believe that they are indeed healthy.

One more: make your food at home and bring it to work/school/events/etc.  Don't like paying $10 for a hot dog at AT&T Park? Stuff one of these puppies in your girlfriends purse/your backpack and your good to go! Save, save, save, and invest that money where it is more appropriately needed. Good food is not expensive.

So there you have it some nice tips to keep your wallet fat and your body energized! If you have anymore please feel free to leave a comment! Have a healthy and wonderful day! :)