Sunday, July 18, 2010

Treadmill Run Workout Sunday 7/18

Ran on the treadmill. Ran 4x5:00 min at 6.0 for the first 2, 6.1 the 3rd, and 6.2 the last set with 2:00 min walk at 2.0 mph in between. Felt good. Breathing little labored on last set as well as left hamstring tightening. I think my mechanics on my left pushoff are off somewhat. Will focus more on that on Tuesdays run session.

If I learned anything this week back in, its that sleep and eating are so essential to this sport. The real triathlon is training, rest, and nutrition.

Got some vodka and some Black Butte Porter's to celebrate. REHYDRATION IS A MUST TOMORROW

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Swim/Run Workout Friday 7/16

swam 4x200 felt good. lifted back afterwards. Ran at 7ish. Felt like shit. was hot and humid. Ran 25 min. first 5 at 5.5 mph. then 7 at 6.0 mph. then 3.2 til about 12 min left mark. ran 6.0 for 5 more minutes and called it a night

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bike/Run Workout Tuesday 7/13

Biked for 20 min. 15 mph avg. did some random hill workout on the trainer. little pain in left hamstring. Ran for 10 min at 6 mph. Breathing was a mildly labored but it a thang to a boss.

Monday 7/12 Swim Workout

swam 4x150. breathing a labored towards end but felt good. muscles not as sore. No strength training. Both hamstrings tight

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Run Workout Sunday 7/11

TREADMILL. 2 Min warm up at 5.5 mph. Ran 13 min at 6.0 mph. Ran 2 min at 6.2 mph. Felt good. Breathing a little bit labored but not as bad as i though it was going to be. Right groin started tightening up last 3 minutes. Groin and hamstring tight during post workout stretch. Got into spa and stretched some more. Sweat my balls off.

Swim Workout-Saturday 7/10

Joined the Mesa YMCA today so I can get in the pool. Finally starting back up after inconsistent workouts the past 2 weeks and it felt great mentally to be back in the pool. My body did not think so. Got sore after 3x150's and lung capacity is definitely not where it was 2 weeks ago. Right hamstring was giving me problems. Both hammies seem really tight during stretching. Did some strength training afterwards 3x20 bosu and stability ball pushups and 3x10 lat-row pulldowns. But I am confident I will get back to where I was at before I had stopped consistently training soon and will start the 36-week IM training plan found here

Signed up for Ironman Coeur D'Alene 2011 yesterday. $615 dollar registration fee!! Ridiculous but provides even more motivation to do this.