Monday, May 16, 2011

Bay to Breakers and Lessons learned

So I went to Bay to Breakers yesterday in San Francisco and it brought up something that is vital to good performance:

If you haven't heard of Bay to Breakers, it is the biggest clownfest in America.  It's a 12k run for real runners mixed with the most ridiculous, drunken people in the middle of the great city of San Francisco.  Bay to Breakers is a real race but lots of people partake in the parade of drinking as well.  The company who sponsored stated:
"Alcohol and floats are not permitted at the 100th running of the Zazzle Bay to Breakers. Neighborhood associations, city officials, police, and race organizers have determined that alcohol and floats create a threat to public safety – alcohol laws will be enforced. Additional police and private security will be present on race day to remove floats and alcohol. This change was made to ensure everyone has a safe, fun, and challenging 100th celebration race. These new regulations will not be reversed."

Luckily, that didn't put a damper on things because people still drank but I only saw one float out.  Police weren't real strict either. I saw lots of funny costumes, more naked people than i cared to see, and enough alcohol to send George Lopez into liver failure (and that's a hard thing to do). San Francisco is the only city where people can drink and smoke during a parade and the cops not care.  I met the most fun people there and had one of the best times of my life.  The course wasn't too bad but there is a steep hill climb about 2.5 miles into the race. 
Here is the map of the course:

Back to the point: I was very dehydrated during the run and that affected my performance.  I finished in 4 and a half hours compared to my aunt who finished it in 1:15.

Water helps:
  • deliver oxygen to cells
  • "flush" out the lymph node system
  • balancing body temperature through sweat
  • keep the excretory system flowing smooth
  • moisten mucous membranes and joints
Here are some Protips for drinking water:

a good rule of thumb is if your pee is any hint of yellow, drink more water

While eating take a gulp of water with every bite of your food.  Not only does it help you get hydrated but also keeps your meal portions in check.

If you suddenly get a hankering for food, drink 2 cups of water first.  If you're still hungry after 10 minutes, then go snack on something.  Ive found that many times I'm hungry for a snack, my body is just really wanting water.

Not thirsty? Drink more water

And here is a good website 9 Tips: How to drink more water



  1. holy crap thats a big run! way to go!

  2. Still annoying that they would put the rule in place. Either way, pound the beers and go dead weight woooo!!

  3. god...i could never do a run like that lol

  4. never been, gonna add it to the list of things i need to do before i turn 27.

  5. i would probably die if i would try something like that

  6. Good reminder about water, I drink a gallon of it even on an off day. And jeez... 12k.

  7. do you think running routines should change according to seasons?, like run less in winter or more? cause of weather

  8. As someone who was hospitalized for dehydration, yes. Water is good to have in ones body.

  9. ill be checking this place next time im around!

  10. i doubt most people get enough water...i know i dont

  11. Sounds like a west coast thing lol looks like a blast

  12. Yeah I've heard of the drinking 2 cups of water when feeling hungry. I think that method works very nicely. Keep up the great posts!

  13. I think you movivated me to drink more water lol

  14. Water is important while exercising!